SaaS Application Development for Non-Technical Founders (Part I)

PART I — SaaS Application Architecture

The Challenge for Non-Technical SaaS Founders

What’s beneath the waterline is the hard part of SaaS

What is a SaaS Application?

What Does Single-Instance, Multi-Tenant Mean?

What are the Advantages of Single-Instance, Multi-Tenant Architecture for SaaS Application Development?

Monolithic Applications, Single-page applications (SPAs) and API-First Architecture

Monolithic Web Architecture
GraphQL Architecture

Strategic benefits of an API-First architecture for SaaS Application Development

API Architecture Options for SaaS Applications


REST versus GraphQL

GraphQL APIs

Serverless Computing for SaaS Application Development


Response Web Design (RWD), Progressive Web App (PWAs) and Native Apps

Databases for SaaS Application Development

SaaS Databases

Programming Languages for SaaS Application Development


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